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Brain Booster Programme


Brain Booster Programme is a scientifically-designed Personalised Brain Training Programme to improve your memory, attention and brainspeed!

Experience these remarkable results with Brain Booster Programme:

  • Better memory and attention
  • Sharper focus and clearer thinking
  • Improved visual and auditory processing
  • Increased BrainSpeed
  • Stronger problem-solving skills

Brain Booster Programme can track up to 5 people on one computer. It is cost-effective which allows for unlimited use without an expiry date and can be easily installed in your home computer or laptop.

* Please note that this is now available in soft copy only. An instruction email will be sent to you upon successful payment.

Many centres are charging thousands of dollars for a memory and attention program. Worse still, you only get to practice once or twice a week with the centre. Remember…just like a good exercise program, it is important to train daily for a strong, healthy body, so is daily targeted mental exercise for a strong, healthy brain.

You need to exercise the BRAIN everyday!

What Do You Get In The Brain Booster Programme?

Brain Coach
The Coach will test your BrainSpeed, design your daily sessions, track your improvement, adjust your training program and motivate you along the way.

Brain Exercises
Train your brain with a library of more than 20 diverse, visual, auditory and focus exercises. Options for easy, moderate and challenging training sessions with multiple training levels keeps your brain fitness program interesting.

Brain Music
Each session begins and concludes with listening to psychoacoustically-based classical music produced with visual imagery to relax your body and alert your mind for optimal cognitive performance.

Brain Games
Enjoy fun and interactive brain games – each designed to engage and challenge you.

Practice Area
Explore the practice area to refine your skills and challenge yourself with different training intensities.

Progress Charts
Results are measurable! Watch your brain performance improve as you move through the program.


Brain Booster Programme offers more than 20 diverse visual, auditory and focus exercises with varying degrees of difficulty, so whether you are working to improve your memory and attention, enhance your brain health and longevity or increase your BrainSpeed, Brain Booster Programme will adapt to your needs.

The recommended minimum age is 7. However, some younger children will be able to use Brain Booster Programme with parental assistance. No one is too old to benefit from Brain Booster Programme training.

You will see an increase in your BrainSpeed by 25% in 4 weeks. Brain Booster Programme offers numerous training levels, from Bronze to Master that you attain based on your BrainSpeed. Challenge yourself with each session, increase your BrainSpeed and reach the next level. One day you may become a BrainSpeed Master!

  • 1 Brain Booster Setup Link for 5 users
  • 1 Brain Health and Nutritional Guidebook
  • 2 Sound Health Music

BrainSpeed is a proprietary computer-based assessment of your visual and auditory working memory, attention and processing speed. The first step in your Brain Booster Programme is to establish your BrainSpeed.

Whether the motivation is to hone your mental performance, preserve your brain’s longevity or help your child with learning and attention, Brain Booster Programme will improve your memory and learning capacity by strengthening your auditory and visual sequential processing abilities. Improved attention, memory and problem-solving skills can be realized in as little as minutes a day! Increased confidence and mental organization can help you succeed personally, professionally and academically.

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