Mendi Training Programme (Home-Based)

Specially designed to boost your Focus. Suitable for all ages.

With Mendi you can see and control your brain activity, create new habits and ultimately enjoy better brain health and mental well-being.

Mendi uses safe fNIRS technology, meaning it uses light to read blood flow in your brain. The headset is only used for measurement.

The headset is used to measure your brain activity. It automatically connects to Mendi’s app.

The brain training app can be installed on a phone and/or Tablet. The training game shows what’s happening in your brain.

Follow your progress and get lifestyle recommendations that help you boost your training and brain health further.

With every single Mendi session, you’re growing healthy new brain networks and neurons that make your brain healthier, regardless of scores. Consistency is important.

A 5 minute session can get you far with Mendi. Doing it 3 times per week, you’re headed in a great direction.