NeeuroFIT Training Programme (Home-Based) - specially designed to boost your Child’s Brain

NeeuroFIT improves skills of attention, memory, spatial ability, decision making and cognitive flexibility in children, teenagers and adults.

Through the latest technologies and offline and online reports and assessments, the programme is able to track and measure progress accurately. These measurements provide personalised training to ensure every child reaps the greatest benefits from each session.

NeeuroFIT utilise brainwave technology co-developed with national research agency A*STAR, to improve cognitive skills in children, teenagers and adults.

The programme comes with a SenzeBand which is a safe-to-use and non-invasive brainwave sensor that is used to track the user’s attention and mental effort during every session.

It also comes with Memorie app that provides 16 engaging brain training exercises to train cognitive skills. It pairs with SenzeBand to provide brainwave tracking and in-app analytics for accurate measurements.

NeeuroFIT Senzeband version 2 – $599

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Nearly everyday, new neuroscientific studies show how malleable the brain is and that cognitive brain training improves brain function for mental health, thinking and general well-being. NeeuroFit is a scientifically-validated brain training program to strengthen underlying cognitive skills such as attention, memory as well as visual, auditory and spatial processing.