Reader’s Pen

Supercharged with translation, reading and dictionary AI capabilities, our reader pen promises to transform your reading and learning. This reader pen is currently only compatible with right-handed users.

Special Features

  • High Accuracy Optical Character Recognition to scan and save text of multiple languages (Font size 2 to 6). Full list of languages is supported when device is connected to WiFi. See list of languages below.
  • A quick tap to access English & Mandarin Dictionary, which includes Hanyu Pinyin for Mandarin, and character stroke order animations.
  • Offline Translation: English, Mandarin and Japanese.
  • Use the Text-to-Speech Function to listen via the audio or bluetooth function.
  • Digital Highlighting: Save Key Sentences or Words in your Vocabulary Notebook.
  • Dyslexia Reading Assistance: Scanned English or Mandarin Text can be read out, with an adjustable voice speed.
  • Easily Transfer Saved Text Files to your laptop via USB, no software needed.
  • Record Voice Memos with one tap.
  • Listen to your MP3 files. 
  • Warranty: 1-for-1 Exchange for the first 6 months.





Watch These Demo Videos: 

Full list of Languages

Languages that can be scanned: English, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Swedish, German, Danish, Finnish, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portugese, Czech, Filipino, Croatian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Romanian, Norwegian Bokmal, Vietnamese, Turkish, Bulgarian, Ukranian, Serbian, Bosnian, Hindi, Estonian, Albanian, Nepali, Malay, Swahili,Kazakh, Uzbek, Marathi, Macedonian, Javanese, Belarusian, Azerbaijani and Cebuano.

Languages which can be translated from English: Bengali, Sinhala, Tamil, Thai, Cambodian, Sundanese.