How does Brain Booster Programme apply to my life?

Whether the motivation is to hone your mental performance, preserve your brain’s longevity or help your child with learning and attention, Brain Booster Programme will improve your memory and learning capacity by strengthening your auditory and visual sequential processing abilities. Improved attention, memory and problem-solving skills can be realized in as little as minutes a […]

What’s BrainSpeed?

BrainSpeed is a proprietary computer-based assessment of your visual and auditory working memory, attention and processing speed. The first step in your Brain Booster Programme is to establish your BrainSpeed.

How soon will I see improvement?

You will see an increase in your BrainSpeed by 25% in 4 weeks. Brain Booster Programme offers numerous training levels, from Bronze to Master that you attain based on your BrainSpeed. Challenge yourself with each session, increase your BrainSpeed and reach the next level. One day you may become a BrainSpeed Master!

How does Brain Booster Programme work?

Brain Booster Programme offers more than 20 diverse visual, auditory and focus exercises with varying degrees of difficulty, so whether you are working to improve your memory and attention, enhance your brain health and longevity or increase your BrainSpeed, Brain Booster Programme will adapt to your needs.