Brain Fitness For Children and Adults
Improve IQ, Attention, Memory, Focus and Brain Speed



Improve Your Attention, Memory, Focus and Brain Fitness!


Keep Your Brain Performing at It's Best! 

A child who is experiencing attention, behavioural or learning difficulties in school often show some weaknesses in their cognitive or brain fitness system in the areas of visual, auditory, sensory-motor, socio-emotional and/or attention functioning.

Proper nutrition for your children is essential but it is not enough! Specialist academic learning with quality brain-compatible instruction that matches your children's unique learning needs have long been proven by scientists to be effective in helping them achieve personalised learning success! Often, a useful complement to an effective academic programme for your child includes daily training on scientifically-designed neuro-cognitive Brain Fitness programmes - Brain Builder, The Listening Program and NeeuroFit Training.

By training regularly with the right scientifically-designed neuro-cognitive Brain Fitness Programmes - Brain Builder, The Listening Program and NeeuroFit Training, your children / teenagers can now improve their brain fitness, attention and foundational learning abilities or underlying cognitive skills to process visual and auditory information, allowing them to better attend, understand, respond to and remember what they see and hear or learn in the classroom with greater speed and clarity!


 You need to exercise the BRAIN everyday, not once or twice a week! 


Reason? The Brain Can Change!

Brain plasticity is the brain’s natural ability to change itself. The brain has the ability to learn, adapt and grow when presented with the correct stimulation provided with the right frequency, intensity and duration.

Scientific evidence demonstrates that engaging brain plasticity based training as provided within scientifically-designed neuro-cognitive Brain Fitness Programmes - Brain Builder, The Listening Program and NeeuroFit Training - can improve vital brain functions. The exercises in these Brain Fitness programmes are precisely engineered to stimulate brain plasticity.


Better Brain Health

The Brain Fitness exercises will train and improve mental abilities that decline as we age, contributing to better cognitive performance and brain health.

Children, teens and adults benefit from scientifically-designed neuro-cognitive Brain Fitness Programmes - Brain Builder, The Listening Program and NeeuroFit Training - by mapping a rich network of connections between brain cells that become stronger through practice and experience. This will make learning easier and lead to greater achievement today and later in life.

Choose from any of these Brain Fitness Programmes - Brain Builder, The Listening Program and NeeuroFit Training.

Remember, you and your child can strengthen brain fitness and underlying cognitive skills with the scientific evidence clearly showing that significant results can be attained by investing from as little as S$70 per person in the comfort of your own home for a lifetime of cognitive fitness.


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